The AURA-SOMA Colour-Care-System ®
"You are the colours you choose... and these reflect your being's needs"
Vicky Wall - founder of Aura-Soma
AURA-SOMA® is colour-energy for everyone. A non-intrusive and self-selective system in which colour is the key.
It is an ancient knowledge that has been refound and revitalised into a
living system easily accessible to all.
AURA-SOMA® speaks to you through
116 beautiful bottles of rainbow coloured oils, special essences, pomanders and quintessences.

is a system that brings you closer to the understanding of yourself. It uses the visual and non-visual energies of colour,
it uses the energies of herbs from essential oils and herbal extracts and it uses the energies of crystals and gems.

can help improve your spiritual well being, moving you toward a deeper understanding of yourself.
It enables you to be in touch with the essence of yourself that always reflects your inner beauty.
When you have made contact with this inner source it also has an effect upon the outer aspects of yourself.
To bring inner beauty out, to reflect your positive gifts and talents,
to help you to be in touch with why you are here and what you are here for.
Through consultation and the application of colour this 'Window of the Soul' approach reveals aspects of yourself in a form that you can begin to
understand and accept. "You are the colours you choose".
The colours you chose will reflect the needs that lie hidden within.
Your colour choice will help you to recognise these needs at a deep level.
Through its use and application the system opens levels of communication between the self and the soul.
Your chosen colours have the capacity to support you in a deeper understanding of your "soul" selves, past, present and to come.
Through the wave-lengths of colour you are given clues to becoming self empowered and you will discover
that you really can create your own future.

AURA-SOMA® is best to be first experienced through an individual consultation,
when you are invited to make your colour selection.
There are several levels of consultation, progressing from the messages from the language of colour onto the deeper meanings of colour energies linked to
the chakras, and movement of energy throughout our lives,
the mission of our life, the significance of the numerology of our selection and even onto the
Tarot cards and the positions on The Tree of Life associated with our favourite Aura-Soma bottles.
Samudroprem is an Aura-Soma Academy ® Certified Practitioner
Previously he has also been an Aura-Soma Teacher of Levels 1, 2 & 3, PPS and Counselling Skills Courses.
From 2002 - 2014 he taught over 100 courses in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine & Latvia
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