The WAY of the HEART
Transformation for the Fourth Chakra

This workshop is an opening to the mysteries of the Spiritual Heart and into the transforming power of love,
unconditional love and acceptance of self and others.

Directly in the center of the chest, we can find the energy of the heart chakra, which is the fourth of the seven major energy centers.
The Heart is the center for an opening to all the other chakras, the spiritual journey starts from the heart, one of its functions is as a
doorway to the whole of our energy system. As is it in the middle between the lower three chakras –
which are linked to the emotional and physical levels and the unconscious mind; and the higher three chakras –
which are more linked to the mental and spiritual levels and the superconscious; we can look through the heart to discover our whole inner
world. By opening to the mysteries of the heart center we are coming closer to our inner world, our true being.
By falling into the heart we can let go of the control of the mind, and find qualities of trust, peace, compassion and love.

The heart chakra can tremendously help the difficulties of the lower three chakras, through the acceptance of the heart we can transform
the darkness of the unconscious survival fears, dependency and relationship issues and the power and control issues that create so many
challenges in our daily life. The Heart has a miraculous quality of transforming all that is negative in our life into a real positive quality.
For this reason it is perhaps the most essential chakra to develop.

But before the Heart Chakra can function naturally as a transforming power house, it also needs to go through its own purification process.
The heart also accumulates wounds and holds onto emotional and psychological pain, especially about love and trust.
Our journey begins with a deep inner work of cleaning our hearts from jealousy and betrayal. These two wounds will need to be thoroughly
purified because we cannot live a life of love if we carry bitterness in our hearts from the past experiences.

The transformed heart is the center of unconditional love, but the unconscious heart holds onto heart break, love pains, jealousy and wounds
of betrayal. If we want to bring in the transforming power of love into our lives, we need to cleanse the heart and let go of the past wounds.
During the group process we will firstly use therapeutic methods for cleansing and healing the emotions of the heart and then progress onto
practicing meditations that are specific for opening of the mysteries of the heart chakra. These will include methods to develop our intuition,
which is the first step towards learning the skill of Chakra Energy Reading, by which we help another person to discover more of the truth of
themselves, through reflecting back to them the energetic  state of their chakras, and how that relates to their life issues.

It is good to start the journey from the heart. The intelligent man's way is the way of the heart. – Osho