Transformation for the Fifth Chakra - the Vishuddha विशुद्ध चक्र
Communication, Creativity & Conditioned beliefs

“The new man can only be created with everything new: the way I talk, the way my people live, the way they behave, all has to be totally different
from the old man. The new man cannot believe in your rotten morality -- your morality has only created hypocrites. The new man can live only
authentically; he cannot be concerned with your moral and immoral ideas. He can live only meditatively.”
Osho – I Am That #12

The Throat Chakra has the major themes of communication, creativity and belief.
The Fifth Chakra is one of the more commonly damaged and restricted energy centers within us.
Because it is a very receptive center, it has easily become programmed, polluted by the false morality of the old society.
In the crowd of voices that we receive during our childhood conditioning, our own inner voice is lost.
The urge to speak out the truth of who we are, is repressed by the teaching that is not good to be individual - to be different from other
people. As adults the fear of condemnation prevents us from expressing our uniqueness.
In the crowd, when we do what others do, we feel safe.
But that prevents our creativity to open, and creativity is one of the major life lessons that we need to learn.
On the journey of our personal growth, as energy rises through the lower four chakras, we come to the fifth chakra and its lesson is to
communicate your truth and express your unique creativity.
Osho indicates to us that the blockage on the fifth chakra is imitation.
To follow another person in any act or thought, to believe what we have been taught – without questioning and inquiring for our own truth –
is imitation. Osho also guides us that what opens the fifth chakra is creativity, and each act of life is a chance to be creative.

“Creativity means allowing the new to happen.
Allowing the new to happen means: put aside the memory so the past does not interfere.
Let the new penetrate you. Let the new come and thrill your heart.”
Osho - Walk Without Feet #7

As a Transformation of Chakra Energies Workshop, we will be going through exercises to purify the blockages of our energy; therapy and
meditations to bring new clarity and understanding and find new pathways for our energy to flow in. Once the fifth chakra begins to heal and
to open up, a tremendous new inspiration comes into our daily life that can help us in our work, to transform the day hours from a duty into
a passion for creativity, self-expression and then work becomes our meditation, a resource for our further growth.