Opening Inner Vision and Intuition
Transformation for the 6th Chakra:
Ājnā  आज्ञाचक्र

The sixth chakra is famously called the third eye, as our two eyes look out into the world;
the third eye is from where we can look inside ourselves.
The development of this chakra is essential in our spiritual growth.
The third eye is the doorway to meditation and from where we can move beyond the physical, emotional and mental aspects of ourselves.

By supporting the energy of the 6th chakra we are supporting our natural intuitive abilities,
to see and to sense clearly without the clouds of personality.
As with the other chakras the energy needs to be purified, to clear our old energetic blocks such as “projection,” romantic dreams and the
misuse of psychic powers. Projection is linked to judgements and internal images stored in our subconscious, that distort our ability to
perceive people clearly. In the chakra map we find that the sixth chakra is the highest female energy, it is the culmination of the ‘Path of
Love,’ so we will also be looking at the theme of love.
We need to become aware of our romantic love dreams and illusions and ideals about authority and spiritual figures.
The sixth chakra is where we suffer from ‘maya’ illusion.

The sixth chakra is called the Ajna Chakra, in Sanskrit Ajna means ‘order, control.’
This chakra functions like a coordinator or a boss of the five chakras below it.
When those five chakras have been transformed then the sixth just has to be a coordinator to make sure all is working well within us.
However when the sixth chakra has impurity of its own, its own fears, then it become like a controlling boss.
This reveals another aspect for transformation, the issue of internal self-control.
The misuse of psychic powers is a blockage on our intuition which we will need to purify before we can
learn to help other people through the use of chakra energy reading.
In this group we will be practicing the beginnings of Chakra Energy Reading,
using our intuition to look inside another person’s chakras.
Also we’ll go through purification and understanding exercises to work on the blockages of the sixth chakra,
self-control, illusion and projection.
The 6th chakra group is a prerequisite, for the OSHO Energy Consultation Training.
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