Inner Man & Inner Woman:
Transformation for the Seventh Chakra I
Sahasrara सहस्रार चक्र

Each man is a woman inside too, and each woman is a man inside too.
The outer meeting and merging with the other is really a lesson, an experiment, to prepare for the inner meeting.
Each man is born out of a man and a woman. Half of you comes from your father and half of you comes from your mother.
You are a meeting of polar opposites.
Modern psychology, particularly the Jungian school of psychology, accepts this, is based on this, that man is bisexual and so is woman.
If your conscious mind is that of a man, then your unconscious will be that of a woman, and vice versa….
The day your inner man and woman meet, you are enlightened.
That day is a day of great celebration, not only for you but for the whole existence.
Osho – The Book of Wisdom #8

The 7th chakra is as famous as it is misunderstood; often it is thought that it is only about silence and meditation.
This workshop is a high practical method to begin the awakening of our highest energy centre through the meeting and the
merging of the main division that exists within us – the inner man and the inner woman.

The main theme of the 7th chakra is unity. All the other six chakras exist in duality. The most basic duality inside us is that of male and
female. Duality is present everywhere in life, night and day, darkness and light, receptive and positive, etc.
In each chakra workshop we explore those dualities as well as how we can rise up and transcend the duality.
The whole art of energy transformation is based purifying the energy blockages caused by unconscious duality and then going inside to the
centre of silence that exists in every chakra, and thus find the transcendental point that raises our energy higher.

Each chakra has a male aspect and a female aspect, each human being is made up of two parts, an inner man and an inner woman.
Generally, a man is psychologically identified with his inner male energy, it is who he thinks he is; and he will remain unaware of his own
inner female and her qualities.
However he usually finds himself in relationship with a woman that will be similar in many aspects to his own
inner image of his inner woman.
Theoretically the same situation exists for women, that they are identified with their inner female energies and unaware of their inner man.
Then have a relationship with a man who will represent their inner man.
Thus relationship and especially love relationships are actually based on psychological projections.
However it is impossible for a man to find someone who fits exactly with his inner woman, or for a woman to find a man to fit exactly with her
inner man. The struggle of relationship begins when we try to change the outer partner to fit to our inner man or woman.

In practice things are even more complex, as some men are more identified with their inner female energy and many women (especially in
the male dominated world) are more identified with their inner male energy. Thus it is necessary for us to connect to both inner sexes and it
can be a great revelation for a man to find his inner man and a woman to find her inner woman.

As in all the Transformation of Chakra Energy workshops, we will be working with exercises to cleanse and understand all four levels of the
chakra – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. But as the 7th chakra is a higher energy centre, there is less need for emotional
cleansing and more time for energetic experiences that come through surprising enjoyable exercises. Practicing Osho’s meditations also
support the evolution of meditative energy and the opening of the thousand petaled lotus at our seventh chakra.