The Two Paths of Love & Awareness

The journey of personal growth is from the material world of survival towards the spiritual world of celebration;
the system of the seven chakras is a map to guide us along the journey.
Each chakra is a place of learning, and we need to expand our understanding and experience of each chakra before we can achieve the
ultimate goal of human life.
Osho’s teaching is radically different from spiritual traditions which have emphasised the opening of only the higher chakra and taught us to
avoid the lower chakras, Osho’s vision is that of “Zorba the Buddha” a person who can enjoy both the material and spiritual worlds.
Osho’s way is inclusive, he teaches both on Tantra and on Zen.
This confuses some people but in fact it is the higher truth that we need to explore all aspects of life.
To help us find our path on our journey of personal growth, we can work through the seven energy centres.
Three centres have a masculine nature, three centres have a feminine nature and the seventh is the meeting of our inner male and female.
The most positive quality of our masculine nature is AWARENESS
The most positive quality of our feminine nature is LOVE
Awareness helps us to see what blocks our path, to work actively on removing energy blocks. As the human world has been negatively too
male for thousands of years we have all developed blocks within our energy, especially in the masculine first, third and fifth chakras.
Love helps us to dissolve the blocks, to accept ourselves just as we are; love is the greatest healing force.
We have also developed negativity in the feminine second, fourth and sixth chakras.
Awareness is a sword that cuts the blocks and releases energy to rise up into the bliss of meditation.
Love is a rose flower whose fragrance comes from dissolving the rock of the ego.
When AWARENESS and LOVE meet together in the seventh chakra, we realise our Buddha nature.

This workshop is an experience of both paths. Active meditations and exercises from Osho Therapy, to become aware of the blocks on our
inner energy and to release them.  Love meditations and passive meditations to help us dissolve and relax. We will go through exercises and
meditations for each of the seven chakras, many of the meditations can be practiced later on in our daily life, to help to transform our
ordinary life into a loving conscious life.