The desire to meet the opposite sex is fundamental in everyone,
but with consciousness we have the opportunity to use that desire as an energetic fuel to go on a great journey,
an inner journey of self discovery.  On the path of tantra, we can go on that journey together with another person;
two opposite sex partners can help each other raise their energies up through the seven centers, the chakras.
The Tantric Chakra Map teaches that each chakra from the first to the sixth exists in an energetic
duality, like a magnet or a battery has positive and negative poles, so too do our chakras have
masculine and feminine poles.

The first chakra – which is physically in the genital area in both sexes – is positive and out-going in a
man and negative, receptive and in-going in a woman, this is obvious and visible on the physical
anatomical level, but it is also true about the invisible energetic level. The chakras exist in the subtle
bodies of our aura but they also permeate and affect our physical body, our emotions and our mind.
In the second chakra, at the navel and below, the polarity changes, it is positive in a woman and
negative in a man.

In Chakra-Tantra we find that opposites attract, a man’s positive polarity is attracted towards the
woman’s receptive polarity. The man can give energy to a woman from his three positive pole chakras,
his first, third and fifth chakras, the woman can receive his energy in her same chakra’s and return to
him positive energy from second, fourth and sixth chakras and the man receives her energy in those
chakras. When these polarities exchange energy it is an orgasmic experience.

In Chakra-Tantra there are four unions, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Man and
woman can help each other to experience the first three unions so that we can reach to the seventh
chakra, where the duality of male and female energies merge into each other in a blissful, spiritual
Basically, a man gives the woman life energy and the woman gives the man love.
This most basic exchange of male and female energies goes on all the time in the everyday world,
but it is happening unconsciously and distortedly, so it leads to many conflicts between the sexes.
The differences between man and woman get more extreme because they do not realize that they need to
help each other to grow in their consciousness. Both sexes need each other, not only for sex, for love, for companionship
but as mirrors of consciousness.

In Chakra-Tantra we learn that the energetic meeting between man and woman can happen with respect and gratitude,
that we are mutual partners in love and in meditation.

Intimacy happens on deeper levels both with the partner and with our own self.

This workshop has grown out of the work of the Transformation of Chakra Energies series;
it is an extension of the First and Second Chakra seminars. We will practice conscious breathing exercise alone and with
partners, as well as energy-flow meditations and tantric techniques.
As Tantra teaches us to have no aim, that is the aim of this group!
It is not about aiming towards achieving better sex techniques, but about experiencing ourselves in a deeper way,
to enjoy the blissfulness of being in the here and now, full of life energy and melting into oneness.
The union with an outer partner reflects the inner union of our own inner man and inner woman.

Everyone can join the group, but previous experience of Osho Meditations and Osho Therapy group is helpful.
It is open to both singles and couples, if you are bringing a partner that has no previous Osho Therapy experience it will help them if they prepare with
practicing Chakra Breathing Meditation daily.