Osho Energy Counselling Training
Level I – Energy Reading & Foundational Counselling Skills
Level II – Counselling Skills
Level III - Qualification procedure (feedback sessions)

Energy Counselling is an accurate, deep and supportive method of helping people, which aims to guide inquirers towards the
most appropriate ways towards their individual growth.

In the private individual session setting, the energy counsellor uses intuitive perception, which is much more accurate and
immediate than tradition psychotherapeutic counselling.

A full energy counselling session lasts for two hours and comprises of two sections:
1 – Interview, energy reading and report
2 – Practice of an appropriate therapeutic method

The first level of Osho Energy Counselling Training provides enough theory and practice in order to be able give a one-hour
session of “Energy Reading” for clients, initially on a non-professional basis. The second level of training teaches the
counselling skills required for the trainee energy counsellor to offer the full energy counselling session. Provided that the
trainee has also completed the seven experiential seminars of the “Transformation for Chakra Energies Series” - the seven
chakra groups as presented by Osho Energy Transformation Institute.

In both the Energy Reading and Energy Counselling sessions, the visiting client is invited to share their life situation or
problems before the energy counsellor uses intuition to perceive within the chakra energies of the client. Although intuition is
regarded as a natural born talent, it can be further enhanced through meditations and training exercises. The self
transformation that comes through participation in the seven chakra seminars is also regarded as essential in order to provide
the counsellor with sufficient life experiences in order to help people. As we have a tendency to not to be able to see clearly
in another person that we have not experienced in ourselves.

The energy counsellor will be trained to perceive the energies in ten places of a client’s while energy field, the seven major
chakras, the inner male and inner female roots plus the whole aura in general. The energy reading component usually lasts
only 10-15 minutes, after which the counsellor will report what they perceived in those ten places. The energy counsellor
also learns to report only what is appropriate and supportive to the client at that time.

The second level of Osho Energy Counselling Training will deepen the intuitive perception of the chakra reading and provide
further training in skills required for the second hour of a counselling session. Although multiple forms of therapy can be used
to help people and the more skills a counsellor has the more people he/she can help, the most commonly used skills are
Dialoguing, Breath Therapy, Regression Therapy and Meditation Counselling. These skills which have been introduced in
Level I are now explored to an extent sufficient to be able to practice with clients. Dialoguing can also be studied further in
the independently held Inner Voice Dialogue Courses, the basics of the Gestalt Dialogue are taught in this training. Breath
Therapy is experienced many times during the chakra seminars on both role of participant and helper, now in this training the
skills required to guide a client through a deep conscious breathing session will be provided. Regression Therapy is a skill of
guiding the client back to previous life events that are influencing their life now. By examining the past with the consciousness
of the present moment, lessons can be learned and emotional wounds may be healed (participation in the Osho ReLiving
Childhood & ReBirth groups is also recommended.) Meditation guidance is also an important part of Osho Energy
Counselling sessions, in order to recommend the most appropriate meditation methods for the client to practice according to
the energy and their issues.

Osho Energy Counselling is based on the keys principles of:
Awareness as the highest masculine quality
Unconditional love as the highest feminine quality
Non-judgement and growthful attitudes as the highest quality of neutrality

A fully trained Osho Energy Counsellor is also expected to have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of duality in
each chakra, both the negative / challenging and the positive manifestations; as well as the transformational and
transcendental potentials of each chakra.

Certificates of training are issued by Osho Energy Transformation Institute for:
A – Completion of the seven chakra seminars –
may be completed before or after Level I, but must be completed
before certificate (d) will be issued
B – Osho Energy Counselling Training Level I – after which the trainee may begin practicing Energy Reading sessions
of 60-90 minutes non-professionally
C – Osho Energy Counselling Training Level II – after which the trainee may begin practicing Energy Counselling
sessions of 120 minutes non-professionally
D – Completion of testing procedure – recognition as an Osho Energy Counsellor who may offer sessions of 120
minutes professionally *

Samudroprem teaches the map of the chakras energies according to his training in several energy reading systems and his
own experience of working with people for over 25 years. As a disciple of the enlightened mystic Osho, he has learned from
his master’s teachings and meditations for the chakras. He has also trained in Intuition & Energy Reading as well as in Star
Sapphire and Psychic Massage in the Osho Multiversity. He is also an Advanced Level Teacher of the Aura-Soma®
Colour System and holds a Testimonial certificate of training in Family Constellations from Hellinger Sciencia ®
Samudro holds professional diplomas in Counselling and Psychology from Oxford College, UK and in currently studying
BSc (Hons) in Psychology at Open University, UK.

* Within the regulatory parameters for a counsellor according to national laws