Completing Childhood Therapies

One of the major aims of many psychological therapies is to heal our childhood traumas and to make us aware of our
conditioning process.
Ever since Freud began the psychological revolution by making it public knowledge that most of our life’s problems
come from our family of origin, a vast array of therapies have been created to help people with their childhood.
Primal Therapy, Hypnosis, Regression Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Rebirthing, Fisher-Hoffman Process,
Character Analysis, Family Constellations, plus many more. The creation of each therapy seems to offer the solution
to our childhood issues, but after sometime the effect of that particular therapy wears off and people return to their
problems or find another aspect that has not been touched.

According to our view, each therapy offers a great help on one aspect of our unconsciousness, and for a complete
therapeutic experience we need to work with each type of therapy in the right order. This is because humans are
vastly complex and multidimensional. Only one type of therapy cannot work thoroughly and not for every person.
IAAP and Oshō ETI work on the basis of seeing humans on four levels - physical, emotional, psychological and
spiritual.  When a therapy works on only one level it cannot be complete and cannot bring full healing.

Thus we are recommending the sincere seeker to pass through as many childhood therapies as possible.
Currently we present six types of childhood therapy experiential seminars:

ReLiving Childhood & ReBirth (Fresh Beginnings I)
Osho Born Again Meditative Therapy
Family Constellations
Attachment Theory Psychology (included in 2nd Chakra II-Conscious Relating)
Bodytypes Training
Sexual Deconditioning (Fresh Beginnings II)