"Man is a rainbow, all the seven colors together.
That is his beauty and that is his problem too.
Man is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional.
His being is not simple, it is a great complexity.
And out of that complexity is born the harmony we
call God: the divine melody....

Man is a rainbow, I say, because a rainbow will give
you the total perspective in which man can be
from the lowest to the highest.
The rainbow has seven colors;
man has seven centers of his being.

The allegory of the seven is very ancient.
In India, the allegory has taken the form of
seven chakras:
the lowest is MULADHAR and the highest is
and between these two are five steps, five more
And man has to pass through all these seven chakras
seven steps towards the divine."
Osho – "The Divine Melody #3"
The double rainbow is a symbol of transformation.
In the commonly seen single rainbow, we see red as the
highest and violet as the lowest colour, this is opposite to
the alignment of the chakras, and thus symbolizes the
descent of man from the heavens.

In the more rarely seen double rainbow, the higher rainbow
has red as the lowest and violet as the highest colours, this
is in alignment with the ascent of Kundalini energy up
through the seven chakras.
This symbolizes the journey of transformation, from the
material to the spiritual,
the ascent of life energy.

The logo for OSHO ETI is a circular rainbow surrounding a
triangle. The circular rainbow represents the whole journey
of the spirit into the material world and returning to
spiritual. The triangle represents the duality of each chakra
plus its transcendental point, which is a balance and a
After the Counsellor Training, Sāmudro  began to work as an Osho Counsellor and Group Leader as well as continue his training in a broad range of
methods: Star Sapphire (Energy Counselling), Intuition & Esoteric Sciences, Reliving Past Lives Training, Breath Training, Pulsation Course, Psychic
Massage Course, Aquafloating, and Osho Meditative Therapies (Mystic Rose, No-Mind and Born Again.)

For several years he was involved in the administration of the Osho Multiversity, Pune, India, as Assistant Director of the Centre of Transformation,
Meditation Academy and School of Centering faculties. At the same time he was also a resident group therapist and leader of daily Buddha Hall meditations,
coordinator for the “Who Is In?” and “Inner Journey” groups, and leader of Breath Energy and ReLiving Past Lives groups. In 2000, Sāmudro was invited
to re-create the 1st Chakra group for the Osho Multiversity. Since creating the Osho Energy Transformation Institute he has guided over
8500 participants  
in 13 countries through a wide variety of therapy courses, with
over 125 people who have completed all seven chakra seminars*.

Sāmudro has also trained in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger, with a Testimonial Certificate from Hellinger Sciencia® in the new family
constellation approach, “Moving with the Spirit-Mind.”

has also been a fully qualified Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® Teacher (Advanced Level) and Personal Presentation Course Teacher and has
certified 8
80 students.

He has a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology
from the Open University, UK and Professional Diplomas (Distinction) in Counselling and in Psychology from
Oxford College (ODL), UK; .

Sāmudro has been travelling internationally since 1987, to guide seekers through Osho meditations and therapies. He has created the Osho Energy
Transformation Institute and Osho Reliving Therapy Institute, so that the process of personal transformation can spread further. The vision of the
Institutes is that once an individual has passed through their own personal transformation process – with the help of the groups, trainings and meditations –
they may then feel inspired to help others. Thus after a series of groups for personal experience, training courses are available in several areas (see
Trainings page.)

His full sannyas name, Swami Sāmudroprem, means in Sanskrit: “Oceanic Love”- His full sannyas name Swami Sāmudroprem means in Sanskrit
"oceanic love." The ocean is a symbol for universal consciousness, and thus also echoes the meaning of his spiritual master Osho's name. In his seminar
and trainings Sāmudro often teaches that Consciousness = Awareness plus Love; and that the essence of meditation is to be a conscious witness, thus
L+A=W. Love + Awareness = Witnessing or consciousness. This he takes as his guideline for all therapies and meditations - that the two roots of
transformation for all human energetic growth are: Love and Awareness.

Regarding the changes of sannyas names:
Upon receiving initiation into Neo-Sannyas in person from Osho on 13.04.1980 he was known as Swami Phil  with the meaning "Love" (link to Osho's
sannyas initiation talk). In late 1983 he asked for a change of name and received the name Swami Sarovara. The meaning of Sarovara was given as "a
beautiful lake" and a short quotation form an Osho book explained that the name was symbolic for consciousness. In 2002, he felt he needed to have the
meaning of "love" once again in his name. By this time the Academy of Initiation had been closed and he realised their was no longer an outer voice to listen
to. Thus from 13.04.2002 he used the name Swami Prem Sarovara, with the meaning "Love; Lake" or "Love and Consciousness." On 17.11.2013 on the
30th anniversary of the name Sarovara, he felt it was time for another change to Swami Sāmudroprem

Oshō Energy Transformation Institute
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www.osho.de (Germany)
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www.oshogarden.org (Taiwan)
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Biography of Sāmudroprem :

Sāmudro was born in England in 1960, his spiritual search began in teenage years, at age 15 he received initiation into Tibetan
Buddhism by H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinoche, receiving the Dharma name Kunzang Dechen (perfection & great bliss). Later at age 19,
Sāmudro came across the books and meditations of Osho and went as soon as he could to India to become a disciple of the Osho
(link to read
Osho’s talks to Sāmudro.) From 1980 Sāmudro lived in Osho’s Communes in India, England, Germany and USA. In
1985 he was uniquely selected to train as an Osho Therapist in a scholarship program at Rajneesh International Meditation University,
Oregon, USA.
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Osho Energy
Counsellors and
group leaders in
Oshō ETI please visit
Oshō Energy Transformation Institute (Oshō ETI)
(a registered limited company in Hong Kong)
is an international institute for seekers devoted to the
vision of life transformation through Love and Awareness.
The Institute offers personal life transforming
workshops, seminars and training courses,
with possibilities to be educated in the area of where
psychology supports meditation.
The work of Institute has grown out of the
Osho Multiversity based in Pune, India and previously in
Oregon, USA.

CHAKRA ENERGIES consists of the following:
(please click on the links for further information)

Introductory workshops (3 days)
Chakra Journey - the Two Paths of Love & Awareness
Chakra Energy Breathing

Seminar groups (4-8 days each)
First Chakra: From Fear to Love - Transformation for
the Mūladhāra Chakra
Second Chakra: Love Beyond Dependency -
Transformation for the Svadhishthāna Chakra
Third Chakra: The Power Group - Transformation for the
Manipūra Chakra
Fourth Chakra: The Way of the Heart - Transformation
for the Anāhata Chakra
Fifth Chakra: Communication, Creativity & Conditioned
beliefs - Transformation for the Vishuddha Chakra
Sixth Chakra: Opening Inner Vision & Intuition -
Transformation for the Ājnā Chakra
Seventh Chakra I: Inner Man, Inner Woman -
Transformation for the Sahasrara Chakra
Seventh Chakra II: The Art of Dying (Optional extra

Trainings (6 days each)
Osho Energy Counselling Training
Level I - Energy Reading & Foundational Counselling
Level II - Counselling Skills
Level III - Osho Energy Counsellor qualification
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