The desire to meet the opposite sex is fundamental in everyone, but with consciousness we have
the opportunity to use that desire as an energetic fuel to go on a great journey, an inner journey of
self discovery.  On the path of tantra, we can go on that journey together with another person; two
opposite sex partners can help each other raise their energies up through the seven centers,
the chakras.
Seminars for Relationships & Intimacy:
Conscious Relating
(Transformation for the Second Chakra – Love Beyond Dependency II)
Love and relationship is a major part of life. How to share life with another person in a fulfilling way for
both people can be described as an art or as a challenge. However it is greatly helpful to gain
an understanding of certain laws of how relationships function. It is commonly thought that we need only
to fall in love with ‘the right person’ and all else will happen naturally. It may sound strange, but there
really are laws of love. But they are natural laws, which once we learn them can guide us into having a
more conscious relating, as if we have learned great secrets about love.
Sexual Deconditioning & Tantric Innocence
Sex is our most basic energy, but it is the most conditioned. Humans have very high sexual energy,
but we have become afraid of it; so our society - our parents, teachers and religion, have made it a
taboo subject. So we grow up not knowing what sex is, we are not guided when we need, but
condemned for exploring what should be the most natural thing in life. Because of this repression
we lost contact with our body and its sensuous nature that can become the pathway to higher states
of consciousness.
According to Osho’s vision of the four stages of sexuality, we will be reliving the years of childhood
and adolescence in a new way...