Special Seminars:
The ART of DYING: Bereavement & Grief Therapy (Transformation for the 7th Chakra part II)
Death – it is the only certainly in life.
All beings die, it is the most basic fact of life, yet one that causes the strongest reactions....
Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps after some more years, or perhaps even today – death can happen at any time, to anyone, at anytime.
Despite it being so certain, it is something that we go on avoiding.
Death is a great taboo, something we don’t want to look at, something not to talk about, and if we do talk about it, it will be a sad and serious affair.
Death triggers so many emotions – fear, sadness, anger and shock – and not only for the dying person but also for all their relatives and friends.
Death is shocking because we go on avoiding it, and death is sad because it separates us from who we love.
The difficulty that death brings comes to both the person that dies and to the people that are left behind.
Psychologists, such as Kübler-Ross and Sanders ...
To understand yourself deeply, Inner Voice Dialogue is one of the most profound, yet easy to learn methods of modern psychological practice.
Each of us has a personality, a character that we have been identified with on such a deep level it is who we think we are. Yet our personality
is made up of multiple sub-personalities, we are not just one person, but a crowd of differing opinions, feelings, needs and desires.
As the mind is made up of words, these sub-personalities communicate to us through inner voices. But also through emotional and physical
One voice inside us maybe pushing us to succeed
Do you want to be a seeker of richness or a rich seeker?  
The seeker of richness is focused only on the material world, but a rich seeker is one who is rich in both the material and spiritual worlds.
At last it is time for an
Osho Therapy group on the theme of being rich.
Although Osho has called himself ‘
The Rich Man’s Guru’, except for an occasional hypnosis group, there has never been a tradition in the world of
Osho Therapy to have a group based on one of our most important life issues -
having or achieving money and wealth.