with Body-Mind Therapies and Tantric Meditations

Getting ready now for the next course in tropical Thailand - on the idyllic Ko Kho Khao Island
2 hours north of Phuket, 1 hour north of Khao Lak
18-24 Feb 2019 & 25 Feb-03 Mar 2019

Aquafloating is a warm water located therapeutic method that is so natural and uncomplicated that it does not even seem to be a therapy,
however it does have profound healing capabilities. In a warm water pool, one person fully supports the body of another who is then able to
experience the feeling of floating. Initially the guiding partner moves the body of the receiving partner slowly and gently,
with the head safely held above the water in order to breathe.

After several minutes the receiving partner usually relaxes deeply enough so that the guide can move the receivers body and
head under the surface for several seconds. The guide ensures that the receivers’ head returns above the surface to take a new breath.
Over the next several minutes the two partners find a natural rhythm of movement and breath, so that there is a energetic flow.
The session can then proceed as long as the partners are comfortable.

Both the roles of being an Aquafloating Guide and Receiver support deep relaxation in both body and mind.
Stress and tension can be released from the muscles of the body as well as the deeper subconscious of the mind.
Trust can replace fear, letting go or ‘going with the flow of life’ can appear instead of fighting the current of difficult life circumstances.

Deep relaxation and inner peace but more than these...
ultimately Aquafloating is about becoming one with Existence

The roles between guide and receiver are fluid, it is not that one ‘gives’ while the other ‘takes’ rather the presence of being in the water
together supports the trust and synchronicity so that two merge as one. Ultimately Aquafloating is about letting go of one’s ego and
becoming one with the Existence - thus it has quite a Tantric quality.
As the goal of tantra is also to aim towards the ultimate oneness with the support of a partner.

The skill of being an Aquafloating Guide is less about being able to move a partner in certain movements and more about being in tune
with the partner. Out of that space of connection the movements become natural and spontaneous,
and the guide might experience the receiver is actually guiding them in a non-verbal communication.

Being in water is natural for us all

Being in water is natural for us all. 70% of our planet is covered by water and 70% of our body also consists of water.
Our life begins in the waters of our mother’s womb. Water easily contains energies.
Water is symbolic for love, feelings and emotions. Although the fear of fear is deep in many people,
we will be in the safe environment of a shallow pool, supported by a caring partner,
thus Aquafloating can be an ideal method for those wishing to become more friendly with water.

The benefits of the Aquafloating Course can be:
* a holiday to relax body and mind
* reduction of mental and emotional stress as well as physical tensions
* new creative inspirations
* deepening trust in life, with others and with oneself
* letting go of fear in general, and of the fear of being in water or of drowning in particular
* letting go of self-control patterns that affect both mind and body
* improving relationships through development of ‘going with the flow’
* experiencing oneness in tantric meditations
* experiencing deep silence in meditation

For half of each day on the course we will be in the pool for Aquafloating sessions, with demonstrations and practice. For the other half of the day
we will spend in the group hall for therapy and meditations.
As Samudroprem is a highly trained therapist across a broad spectrum of body-mind therapies,
he will guide the group through several supportive therapies and meditations such as:
* Open sharing of the issues and questions that emerge from the depths of our subconscious during the aquafloating sessions
will be given space.
* Exercises for deepening trust and letting go of fear and self-control
* Breath Therapy sessions will aid release of emotional tensions and fears.
* Bodytypes Body-Mind psychology, will help to understand patterns of tension in the body that are held onto chronically
originate in early life conditioning.
* Morning active meditation to give us energy for the day
* Evening passive will set a peaceful tone for a restful night
* Tai Chi & Qigong exercises to support the flowing movements of Aquafloating
* Tantra meditations will support the quality of connection between partners, friends and lovers.

Aquafloating was created in the Osho Multiversity, Pune, India in 1994 by Samudro’s friends and colleagues in Breath
and body oriented therapies. Samudro assisted them in their first Aquafloating Course.
Aquafloating is distinct from other aquatic therapies, such as Watsu, in that it has meditation and energywork as its background,
hence it has a greater holistic approach than only body or health oriented aquatic therapies.
During its development it was found that this method took people into deeper states of meditative silence than could normally be
experienced in other methods.

Samudroprem is a British-born psychologist and energy therapist who is well known in Eastern European and Asian nations as leader of
chakra energy therapy groups. As the founder of the Oshō Energy Transformation Institute he has been presenting seminars and trainings
in a broad spectrum of therapies including - Chakra Energy Transformation, Breath Therapy, Relationships and Tantra, Reliving Childhood (Neo-
Primal), Reliving Past Lives, Bodytypes Character Analysis, Family Constellations, Aura-Soma Colour System and Osho Meditations.

Course organisers: Samudroprem & Chandrika
(Contact) English: (Russian)
Course dates: Level I - 18-24 Feb 2019 + Level II - 25 Feb-03 Mar 2019
Course location: Ocean Breeze Residence, 81 moo 4, Ko Kho Khao, Takuapa, Phang-nga, Thailand 82190

Please bring to the course: bathing suits, a nose clip, swimming goggles, sunscreen protection cream, extra t-shirts, and a sun hat.
It is recommended to arrive in Thailand (near Phuket) a few days before the course begins and for a few more days after the end -
to enjoy the beautiful location
For costs and accommodation questions contact the course organizer:

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