Body-Types Training:
from Five Childhood Traumas to Five Lifetime Gifts

Everyone of us passes through five phases in our childhood, what happens to us during those five periods will
influence our whole life. As those five periods happen in the first seven year cycle of life, the events are mostly
forgotten but the memory of them is still carried within our subconscious. In each phase there is a possibility that
our natural born life energy will continue to flow or will get blocked - like a rock or a dam in a river – the stream of
life energy becomes reduced or stopped. Because this happens as our physical body is growing, the structure of our
body, it shape and form is altered according to psychological and emotional experiences. For example a lack of
emotional nourishment, a lack of warmth and love from the parents, creates an under-nourished or immature
looking body; whereas emotional domination from the parents creates a compressed and heavy body structure.

This understanding comes from a school of psychology called Character Analysis, first outlined by Alexander Lowen
who learned from the great pioneer of body and emotional oriented psychotherapy, Wilhelm Reich. Later on other
psychotherapists and energy therapists have contributed their insights. In Osho Therapy it is considered as one of
the most important systems to learn. Sarovara Prem has been working with the understanding of this system since
beginning to work with people in the Transformation of Chakra Energy workshops and in Reliving Childhood
Therapy groups. Also as a full trained Aura-Soma Colour System Teacher he observed the link between the five
body-types and the five major “new age child set” coloured bottles and has created a massage practice to help
resolve the five wounds.

In this six or seven day training, each day will be devoted to learning and experiencing one of the types. The
essential teaching about each type will be presented, followed by emotional therapy technique to identify how deep
each trauma has affected us and to release it's blockage. A massage with Aura-Soma Coloured Oils will bring a
beautiful healing and relaxing completion to each day. The sixth day will be for practicing what has been learned and
for completion.

As everyone passes through the five stages of childhood, each type is important for us to understand, however
usually we are mostly affected by one or two of the types. In the course the teaching and the self-diagnosis will help
you to discover your body-type.

With awareness and acceptance the trauma's and the blocks are transformed, their life lesson is revealed and their
positive qualities emerge.

Course contents:
•        Teaching of the five childhood phases, their emotional and psychological trauma and the manifestation in the
body structure as a body-type
•        Self-diagnosis
•        Emotional release through conscious deep breathing
•        Teaching of the positive aspects of each type
•        Massage with Aura-Soma Coloured Oils
•        Diagnostic practice “body-reading”
•        Osho Meditations

This 6 or 7 day course is a personal transformation experience open for all people to attend.
It will of be special interest for therapists of all fields – psychologists, bodyworkers, energy healers or anyone
working in the medical or helping professions.