Awakening Psychology finds it necessary to include childhood psychotherapies based upon concepts from Psychoanalytic,
Psychodynamic, Neo-Freudian and other Developmental Psychology perspectives (S. & A. Freud, C. G. Jung, Erik Erikson, Wilhelm
Reich, Artur Janov and Alexander Lowen et al.). This includes the theories of psychosexual developmental stages, ego defence
mechanisms, and character analysis bodytypes. AP also applies these concepts into very practical and transformative therapeutic exercises
in attendance seminars. Awakening Psychology considers that any one form of psychotherapy is limited. Even though it is common for
participants in the process of passing through any one childhood therapy to feel that is one therapy is enough. AP does not favour sales
techniques used by several promoters that their particular therapy is all that is ever needed. It is unethical to give participants an over-
inflated expectation of the efficacy of a therapy just in order to generate sales. Unfortunately, this has been noticed in recent years by
promoters of Primal Therapy and Family Constellations. AP respects that these therapies are valuable as a part of holistic approach. Thus,
Awakening Psychology currently offers a series of childhood therapy seminars: ReLiving Childhood, ReBirth, Born Again Meditative
Therapy, Character Analysis Bodytypes, Family Constellations, Sexual Deconditioning, Attachment Theory and a Parent’s Training.

Each of these childhood therapies work in a different yet complementary way. In a direct psychotherapeutic manner, Primal Therapy
helps our inner child to release its wounds and to become a stronger and freer individual. It is a necessary stage of our personal
development to rebel against what we have been programmed to be. The approach of Family Constellations, especially the version created
by Bert Hellinger, was created as a balance to Primal. It teaches us to respect our family and ancestors as our energetic roots. Its
methodology goes beyond classical psychotherapy as it is based upon energy within the collective unconsciousness – hence it is quite an
intuitive method. ReLiving Childhood is a method similar to Primal but is based on Osho’s teaching to live again the past consciously
now – that we become a child now. This method supports deeper memories to come from the earlier childhood and a realistic
remembrance of the birth, in-utero experience and conception. Osho’s Born Again Meditative Therapy offers another aspect that is very
healing for the inner child – playing as a child. We “become children again now and do what we always wanted to do but never did.” Yet
to support our conscious adult understanding of how our childhood conditioning has affected who we are, there is perhaps no clearer
modality that the Character Analysis Bodytypes. This concept from Alexander Lowen, based on Reichian principles, explains how our
conditioning has affected our mind and body and even our energy.   

Awakening Psychology’s perspective of Childhood Psychotherapies is that multiple methodologies will support us to release the
physiological, emotional and energetic blockages and wounds, that stem from our childhood. Also, to bring to our awareness the full
process of psychological conditioning and how we became identified with it. And it is of additional importance that our therapy process
includes ample time and space for the positive qualities of our natural inner child to be regained into who we are now.

The positive qualities of our inner child include: playfulness, adventurousness, courage, spontaneity, creativity, sensitivity, lovingness,
innocence, love of learning, and a sense of wonder at the miracle of life. By embracing these qualities our conscious adult personality
become refreshed, we become like a child again; and reciprocally our inner adult becomes a naturally loving, nurturing, protecting and
guiding parent to our inner child. This brings about a deep healing and has a very positive effect in all aspects of our life.

Our work life becomes more creative as we learn that work is a play. Our relationships become more loving, as our friends are like
brothers and sisters. We bring more compassion and understanding into our intimate relationship, as understanding each other’s
childhood is a key to deeply understanding each other. And especially we can feel and express genuine love for our own parents and
complete our relationship with them before they leave this world. Our own personality goes through a transformation as after these
developmental psychotherapies we can feel that now we are really growing up. Maturity is not a matter of age; it is a quality of wisdom
that comes from cleansing the past from the unconscious mind, understanding the formation of personality and being reborn as your
own natural being.   
The Awakening Psychology
Childhood Psychotherapy Seminar Series
The IAAP presents ten attendance seminars in the Childhood
Psychotherapies series, which may be attended in any order.

(All postponed until after the Covid-19 pandemic)

ReLiving Childhood & ReBirth

2. Osho Born Again Meditative Therapy

3. Family Constellations

4. Character Analysis Bodytypes Trainings (two levels)

Sexual Deconditioning (two levels)

Relationship Conditioning and Attachment Theory
(included in the Second Chakra Levels I & II seminars)

ReLiving Past Lives

8. The Art of Dying (Seventh Chakra Level II)

Inner Voice Dialogue Courses (three levels)

Parents Training
The IAAP presents the following parallel online courses in the
Childhood Psychotherapies series, which may be attended in any

1. Healing the Inner Child – Part One

2. Healing the Inner Child – Part Two

3. The Inner Family Constellation

4. Character Analysis Bodytypes Trainings (two levels)

5. to be announced

6. to be announced

7. to be announced

8. The Art of Dying (Seventh Chakra Level II)

9. Inner Voice Dialogue Courses (three levels)

10. Parents Training