Essential – that which is most important is our essence.
Essence – the core, the center of who we truly are, a pure mirror-like witnessing consciousness.
Astrology – Science of the movement of the stars.

Essential Astrology is a method of moving from the surface of our personality to the core of our being, it helps us
to recognize and ourselves in all aspects, from the personality we use in daily life to deeper levels  hidden in our
character onto life-lessons and to the essence – the being.

Astrology is a science of the movement of the stars, it is a very large clock that tells us what is the mood of the
moment. Astrology is popular on the normal level of prediction for your sun-sign, however that is like using
using a space-rocket to reach the next bus-stop! When we start to use astrology more wisely we discover that our
birth-chart is a map of who we are and each planet's position in our chart indicates one aspect of our personality.
This is Astro-psychology. In Essential Astrology we go even further, even deeper.

The main method of Essential Astrology is the placement of a large circle on the floor to represent an individual's
birth-chart, with signs and symbols for the zodiac signs and the planets. The individual is then invited to step into
their chart and become it, to feel the energy of their chart intuitively.
This takes us of of the mental aspect of  astrology in the feeling aspect of it. Surprising it is quite simple and easy
for everyone. Quite magically the energy of one's chart can be felt and then explored further through a
dialoguing technique based on a Gestalt or Inner Voice Dialogue therapies.

For example: your Jupiter can communicate how he feels, thinks and operates within your life in the past and
present, which opportunities and directions he wants to take. Then the Moon can tell her story of how she feels.
If they are aspected harmoniously we would normally expect them to cooperate easily, however as we now
emphasize experiencing the planets directly withing ourselves we may discover their own story of their inner
relationship. At which times of your life do you listen more to your inner Jupiter and ignore your inner Moon.

This method can be used for the birth chart:
to discover the inner voice of each of the planets, which part of your personality it represents,
what is its function, how much space it is getting in your life now, in the past and it's need for the future.
This method can be used for transit charts:
to discover which natal planets is now highlighted and very importantly, what is the lesson to be learned now.

Each session within the circle of of the birth-chart, begins and ends with being in the centre, in the space of the
essence. When we begin the session the empty space in the the centre of a chart represents the whole
personality, the summary of all the different parts of ourselves. Also at the conclusion of a session we return to
his summary, and then we experience the most essential minutes at the very end, when we witness we are not
the summary of all the parts but we are just a witness, an observer of the drama of personalities on the stages of
life. This is meditation. This meditation becomes profoundly deep once we have experienced and listen to all the
parts of ourselves.

The aims of Essential Astrology are:
To transmit to each individual an understanding that astrology shows us that time is an opportunity to learn the
lessons of our life, not to avoid “fate” but to go into what life gives us.
To discover that the planets and the signs of the zodiac represent the " inner voices" of the personality.
To experience, as well as understand, the process of personal transformation that comes through recognizing all
parts of the personality, including the "shadow" sides as represented by the planets that we are less familiar with
in our birth chart.
To experience, as well as understand, the process of transforming our relationship patterns, by recognizing which
planets we normal project out onto others.
To experience that the essential quality of astrology is to bring about a space of watchfulness. The center of the
chart reflects the center of our self, the witness. Astrology leads to meditation.