Childhood Healing with Family Constellations:
Family Constellations with Breath Therapy, Childhood Regression and Osho Meditations

Family Constellations is a very popular yet mysterious method that helps us to discover aspects of our childhood conditioning that have remained
hidden deep in our collective unconscious mind. Family Constellations, especially the method that Bert Hellinger teaches in recent years,
is based on connecting to the energyfield of a person who wants to discover causes of their life issues.
Frequently the source of many problems can be traced back through generations of our family ancestors.
In this method, helping participants become representatives of the client’s family members and trust a flow of energy that moves them into
positions that can reveal hidden or forgotten events.
Often these events are significant for the client and can help resolve their life challenges.

In this workshop we will present exercises from the world of Family Constellations so that all group participants can be involved.
Also, to deepen the experience we will use Breath and Regression Therapies that will help each participant connect to the emotional level that
the Family Constellations trigger. Group and partner sharing will be conducted in a sensitive manner that can bring further awareness without
unnecessary mental analysis. Osho Meditations will also provide extra support for awareness and for
becoming a clearer channel in the role of being a representative.

Sāmudroprem, Director of Oshō Energy Transformation Institute, has been an Osho Therapist & Meditation Facilitator since 1985
and is well known for his work in Chakra Energy groups as well as Childhood and ReBirth groups.
He has trained in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger, with a Testimonial Certificate from Hellinger Sciencia ®