Part One: Childhood & ReBirth
Part Two: Sexual Deconditioning & Tantric Innocence

A fresh beginning in our life can happen when we connect to the source of our life energy.
We are born into this world with total natural energy, a vast source of potential energy, but through the years of childhood conditioning that
energy source is limited, constricted, control and turned into something that our parents and society approve of.
We have lost contact we who we naturally are.
As seekers, who want to discover themselves on the deepest levels of their being, it is necessary to confront our conditioning, to undo the knots,
to break out of the chains that were tied around us when we were a young child.

Every child is conditioned, whether it was the deliberate intention of our parents or not, it is just a fact of life that as young child we are innocence
but unaware, so we cannot prevent the influence made by our parents and our society.
But now as conscious adults we can rediscover the joy and the playfulness of our inner child.

In Part One, we are moving backwards through time, from the conscious childhood memories towards the unconscious memories of our first four
years, which are the most important to remember because they are the roots of our personality. It is well known that we all are conditioned within
the first seven years of life, but the age of four marks the formation of the ego, and the borderline between our conscious and unconscious.
What has happened to us as a baby influences our whole childhood and adult life.

Our birth experience is the deepest influence on our life, it is a trauma for every baby. By going through ReBirthing, a conscious reliving of the
birth process, we can release the pain of the birth trauma and discover that birth can in fact be a great joy, and a renewal of our life energy.
ReBirthing opens the natural sensuousness each baby is born with, we reconnect to our body with love and innocence;
this is a great foundation to move onto the exploration of our sexual energy.

Part One can be attended separately, it is highly recommended for everyone as it is so necessary that a seeker goes through Childhood therapy at
least once. It is also highly recommended for anyone who wishes to be a parent someday, so that they can raise they child with extra
love and awareness.

“My insistence on being playful is because of this:
I want you to go back to the very point from where you stopped growing.
There has been a point in your childhood when you stopped growing and when you started being false.
You may have been angry, a small child in a tantrum, angry, and your father or your mother said, "Don't be angry! This is not good!"
You were natural but a division was created and a choice was there for you.
If you were to remain natural then you would not have got the love of your parents.
Of course, you wanted the love; that was the only security for you; you could not have existed without it.
So you opted, you surrendered. You pushed your nature aside. You started laughing and smiling; you became a good boy or good girl.
The day you became the good boy or a good girl was the day of catastrophe. From that moment you have never been natural.
From that moment you have been serious, never playful. From that moment you have been dying, not alive.
From that moment you have been aging, not maturing.”
Osho:  “The Supreme Doctrine #1”

Fresh Beginnings Part Two:
Sexual Deconditioning & Tantric Innocence

Sex is our most basic energy, but it is the most conditioned. Humans have very high sexual energy, but we have become afraid of it;
so our society - our parents, teachers and religion, have made it a taboo subject. So we grow up not knowing what sex is,
we are not guided when we need,
but condemned for exploring what should be the most natural thing in life. Because of this repression we lost contact with our body and its
sensuous nature that can become the pathway to higher states of consciousness.

According to Osho’s vision of the four stages of sexuality, we will be reliving the years of childhood and adolescence in a new way.
We will be undoing what was repressed in us, untying the knots of shame and relearning how to love ourselves and how
to share that love with others.
The four stages are: autosexual – when a baby is naturally discovering its own body and its sensuous nature; homosexual – a stage that all
children pass through, when we are closest to others of our own sex; heterosexual – when we pass through the first stages we are ready to explore
the attraction to the opposite sex, this stage prepares us for our sexual life as an adult; and the ultimate stage is when sexual energy opens the
doorway to higher states of consciousness,
it becomes a meditation; and it is a step towards an orgasmic unity with the whole existence.

Sexual deconditioning is a necessary cleansing process to prepare our bodies as temples for the divine love that the
path of tantra helps us experience.  
There are many tantra groups available, but without the necessary deep cleaning of sexual deconditioning,
we may be taking a second step before the first.
This group is open for singles or couples; part one is a pre-requisite, or previous participation on the
Childhood & ReBirth group with Sarovara or other experience in Primal Therapy plus Rebirthing.

“I teach you the body: the body is beautiful, divine.
Come back to the body. Let the body become alive again, and it will take care; you need not worry about it.
The body has a built-in program to keep you healthy, to keep you alive, to keep you vibrant, to keep you young, fresh.
The body has a built-in program: you need not learn anything about it from books and teachings.
So when people come to me in the beginning, sometimes they may indulge -- but I am not responsible for their indulgence.
The priests, the people who have conditioned them, they are responsible.
If these people can be here with me for a few days, sooner or later the balance is restored.
And with balance comes tranquility, calmness, a subtle joy and a subtle naturalness.
Sex has four stages; those stages have to be understood.
Only at the fourth stage does sex become the Golden Flower.”
Osho “The Secret of Secrets Vol. 2 #15”
This well known group process has been a favourite in Osho Multiversity for many years,
now Sarovara presents his version based on OSHO ReLiving Therapy and the style of the OSHO Transformation Chakra Energies Workshops,
in which we dig deep into emotional and energetic blocks caused by our conditioning,
to have a deep inner cleansing; plus the resource of discovering the positive qualities of our inner child.
Releasing the negative and supporting the positive, is the path to transformation, to become naturally
who we were born to be.

To support the positive, as a rare treat in addition to the Childhood and Rebirthing therapy we will also have the
OSHO Born Again Meditation of playing for one hour a day as a child, followed by one hour of deep silence.