To understand yourself deeply, Inner Voice Dialogue is one of the most profound, yet easy to learn methods of
modern psychological practice.

Each of us has a personality, a character that we have been identified with on such a deep level it is who we
think we are. Yet our personality is made up of multiple sub-personalities, we are not just one person, but a
crowd of differing opinions, feelings, needs and desires.

As the mind is made up of words, these sub-personalities communicate to us through inner voices. But also
through emotional and physical energies.

One voice inside us maybe pushing us to succeed financially or in career, but another voice wants to do
nothing. These two voices can be in disagreement and in conflict. If we do not listen attentively to the
objections of one voice it can make us take notice in dramatic ways, such as an illness or an accident.
Through a method of letting each voice communicate, we become more conscious of the inner working of our
personality and our sub-conscious. A dialogue between the differing characters within, helps facilitate a
conscious harmony. Decisions can be more easily made, life direction is easier to see, and a conscious
acceptance of who we are as a total person occurs.

Inner Voice Dialogue can complement other therapies, it is highly recommended for students of the Chakra
Series Seminars (after the 5th Chakra group) and for students of Essential Astrology.

Also it is a very helpful Consultation Skill for Aura-Soma Practitioners and for virtually any other therapy.

It is based on the Voice Dialogue method developed by Hal Stone Ph.D & Sidra Stone Ph.D authors of
“Embracing Ourselves.” Samudroprem learned this method in Osho Multiversity in 1987, and added the word
“Inner” to the name to make it clear that it is a method of looking inside ourselves. He often uses it in
individual consultations as it is a wonderful tool to support our experience of witnessing ourselves, a support
for our meditation and inner growth.

INNER VOICE DIALOGUE COURSE I – Introducing the system with teaching and practice
INNER VOICE DIALOGUE COURSE II – Looks at how our inner voices affect relationship dynamics
INNER VOICE DIALOGUE COURSE III – for psychologists and counsellors