Oshō created three revolutionary meditations that are done in a group setting. They are called Meditative Therapy
because they form a link between expressive group therapies and individual mediation techniques.
Oshō created these three meditative therapies in 1988 not long before his departure from our planet, since then thousands
of seekers has been transformed through their simple but deep effective methods. Many feel they are Oshō’s final gift to

Tears take out all the agony that is hidden inside you and the laughter takes away all that is preventing your ecstasy.

For three hours a day for 21 continuous days.
Three stages of ‘Laughter,’ “Tears,’ and ‘The Watcher on the Hill.’
In the first week, laughing for 3 hours; followed by the second week, crying for 3 hours; followed by the third week of
sitting in silence
First week: laughing for 3 hours for seven days. This removes all the inhibitions and repression that hinder our
spontaneous laughter and natural joy.
Second week: crying for 3 hours for seven days. This uncovers the next layer of repression, all the agonies and tears,
and provides for a great unburdening of pain and suffering.
Third week: the ‘Watcher on the Hill’ with a thoroughly cleansed heart, just sitting silently in meditation interspersed with
periods of light dancing.

Osho created this powerful meditative therapy saying, 'I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the
most essential and fundamental one ... it is the first major breakthrough since Vipassana 25 centuries ago.'

Oshō wanted all his disciples to pass through the Mystic Rose group, thousands have done so and many return to do it
Full participation in all 21 days is required.

“I am giving you a new meditation. Since Gautam Buddha, not a single new meditation has been evolved.
It has three steps. All are designed for a particular purpose: to bring out all the poison from your being that has been
injected by every generation for centuries. Laughter is the first step … if you can laugh without any reason, you will see
something repressed within you... From your very childhood you have been told not to laugh -- "Be serious!" You have
to come out of that repressive conditioning.
The second step is tears. Tears have been repressed even more deeply. It has been told to us that tears are a symptom of
weakness -- they are not. Tears can cleanse not only your eyes, but your heart too…If the whole world can learn to cry
and weep again it will be a tremendous transformation, a metamorphosis.
The third step is silence. I have called it `The Watcher on the Hills'. Become as silent as if you are alone on the top of an
Himalayan peak, utterly silent and alone, just watching, listening... sensitive, but still.”
Osho - This, This, a Thousand Times, This #1

For two hours over seven continuous days, the first hour is of playing as a child, the second hour is of silence.
“Enter into your childhood. Whatever you wanted to do, do it – dancing, singing, jumping, crying, weeping – anything at
all, in any posture... For the second hour just sit silently. You will be more fresh, more innocent and meditation will
become easier.”
This Meditative Therapy group gives a whole new approach to childhood therapy. Playing as a child immediately takes
us back into an authentic experience of the joys of childhood, it bypasses the seriousness of the psychological approach,
so that we can reach to the source of childhood innocence.
Full participation in all seven days is required.

This great experiment through which we are passing is basically to achieve your lost childhood again. When I say “your
lost childhood,” I mean your innocence, your eyes full of wonder, knowing nothing, having nothing, but yet feeling
yourself at the top of the world. Those golden moments of wonder, joy, no tension, no worry, no anxiety, have to be
regained, rediscovered. The sage is nothing but the circle that started in your birth coming full way, complete, back to
the same point. Osho

For two hours over seven continuous days, the first hour is of gibberish, the second hour is of silence.
Gibberish is talking out loud any non-sense words or sounds, speaking any language which is not consciously known.
Based upon an ancient technique of the Sufi enlightened master Jabbar, Oshō has recommended Gibberish in several
forms. In No-Mind we use gibberish to cleanse the mind of all the garbage it has accumulated from our life. We can also
use physical movements to help release the tensions of the body.
The cleansing effect of gibberish prepares us for an experience of deep silence in the second hour.
Full participation in all seven days is required.