Leading a group of people is an art, especially when the group involves an exploration of human nature.
Therapy is not business, it is insufficient to give only orders, to direct people in what they should do. People are alive and
moving with their minds and emotions, especially when we begin the inner work of transformation, the group leading therapist
needs to respond to the moment, to the essence of what is happening for the people.

Although most therapy groups are based on a particular method or system of psychological, physical or spiritual healing, a
group leader needs to learn more than his technique, he needs to respond to the issues the method brings up for the participants.
Firstly he needs to be thoroughly practiced in his own technique, which through personal experience he knows what issues can
arise for the participants. Then he also needs to know how to respond to people’s unconscious reactions.

There are numerous techniques of human personal development; this training is not focused of teaching any one method but
rather on the skill of responding to participants’ reactions and their questions.
All therapy techniques help a person to move with the light of his consciousness into the darkness off his unconsciousness.  
An Osho Therapist’s primary skill is to bring the quality of meditation into his therapy, to the support the light of consciousness
and not to get lost into the darkness of the unconscious.

Osho makes it a fundamental necessity that meditation is at the root of any therapy technique, he has allowed and encouraged all
types of therapy to be made available in his Multiversity, so that all types of people can be helped.
Additional to including OSHO Meditation methods into his therapy group, an Osho therapist needs to maintain the spirit of
meditation, and of unconditional love and awareness, throughout the time of his group.

This Osho Group Leader Training will give the trainee the opportunity to practice the art of group leading,
and learn skills which the trainee can use in conjunction with another training in a specific method of therapy,
which he may already be trained in or wishes to learn in the future e.g. Breath, Pulsation, Family Constellation, Bodywork,
Childhood therapy, OSHO Meditative Therapies, Art and Colour therapies.

For over 35 years during the development of the OSHO Multiversity in USA and India, the merging of modern therapy methods
with Osho’s meditations, has created a unique form of therapy.
The reason why Osho therapy groups continue to be so popular is that they really work for the modern humanity.
Psychological therapies miss a vital ingredient, meditation.
Also solely spiritual methods also miss a vital ingredient, to work on the unconscious.
For a therapy to be complete and effective, it must cover all levels of the human being,
the physical, the emotional, the psychological, the spiritual, the unconscious and the conscious.

Some of the areas we will cover during this training will be:
-        Meditation in the group practice;  Love and Awareness as primary resources
-        Responding to people’s personal questions, leading an open sharing
-        Planning a group, facilitating the group, ending the group
-        Dealing with one’s own fears of leading people
-        Discovering one’s own style of leadership, grounding and centring oneself while leading the group
-        Awareness of the will to power,  and other unconscious motives
-        Dealing with resistance and challenges
-        The benefits versus the dangers and pitfalls of being a group leader

Prerequisites: previous experience in therapy groups, including with Osho therapists,
also to have extensive personal experience in practicing Osho Meditations.
Participation in the “Transformation for the 3rd Chakra: the Power Group.”