The Osho Zen Tarot is one of the most popular sets of tarot in the world today. It is widely recognized for the depth of meaning as well as for its impressive
artistry.  The Tarot is an ancient tool of consciousness, used as a mirror of the soul, to reflect to inquirers what is happening deep inside them, it provides
inspiration and provokes insight.
This training has the purpose to teach the ability to understand the Osho Zen Tarot for oneself and to become a professional tarot card reader or consultant.
The tarot is one of the simplest, yet most direct methods, to reach to the heart of the matter. It can function as a doorway into the inner world and help people
understand themselves deeper and to make necessary choices in their life. As this tarot is based on the Zen teachings of the enlightened master Osho, each
card helps us towards the greatest truth that meditation and consciousness can provide us. Each tarot card has a life lesson within it.
The Osho Zen Tarot is based upon the traditional tarot but it gives a new and higher interpretation of the major and minor arcana and the four elements. It
goes beyond the realm of fortune telling into which the traditional tarot has descended, it restores us to the path of our souls in this lifetime.
In this 5 day training we will be learning and practising:
        the symbology of the Osho Zen Tarot cards
        various spreads of cards
        the hidden meaning of the major arcana as a spiritual journey
        the hidden meaning of the minor arcana as a reflection of the four levels of our being
        the hidden meaning of the court cards as a reflection of our inner potentials
        the connection to the traditional tarot cards
        the connection to the Kabbala
        how to connect to the heart of the enquirer
        how to communicate to the enquirer
        using our intuition as a resource for our own life and for helping others
        giving basic counselling to the enquirer and making suggestions to support them

To support our inner journey and our intuition we will also practice several Osho meditations throughout the training.

Please bring to the training your own set of Osho Zen Tarot cards.  A set of the Universal Waite, or Rider-Waite, tarot cards is also recommended, with the
Thoth set from Alistair Crowley as an alternative. A spreading cloth of fine material such as dark blue or violet velvet is a helpful addition.

A certificate of training completion will be provided by the Osho Energy Transformation Institute.

About the trainer:
Samudroprem is director of the Osho Energy Transformation Institute, he is a highly trained Osho Therapist and leader of multiple methods of meditation and
therapy. He is best known for leading the series of Chakra Energy Transformation groups, as well as Osho ReLiving Therapy, teaching the Aura-Soma Colour
System and being a trainer of Osho Therapy Consultants and group leaders. He is also a numerologist and an astrologer.
Samudro has been an Osho disciple since 1980, he lived in Osho Communes in England, Germany, USA and India. In 1985 he was hand-picked to be
trained as an Osho Therapist.