ReLiving Childhood & ReBirth
(Osho ReLiving Therapy Part 1)
“You remember something: you remember your childhood.
When you remember your childhood you remain here and now. You don't become the child….
Wounds are deeper. They cannot be revealed by remembering, and remembering remains a part of the conscious mind.
All that is very, very significant has been hidden in the unconscious,
so you remember only useless things, or you remember only those things which your mind accepts….
Whatsoever is bad, ugly, is thrown into the unconscious because the ego does not want to look at it.
All miseries are forgotten and all happinesses remembered. You go on cherishing happinesses and you go on forgetting miseries….
Your childhood as you remember it is not true, it is fictitious. It is a fiction created by the ego.
So if you remember you will remember the happy things, not the unhappy things.
If you relive, you will relive the total: happy, unhappy, all.
And what is reliving?
Reliving is to become the child again, not to look at the child as running in the garden, but to be the child running.
Don't be a watcher -- become. This is possible because the child still exists in you, it is part of you….
You are the first seed that happened in your mother's womb. Still it is there.
And then after it millions of layers were added every day, thousands of things were happening.
They are all there, accumulated. You can be again, because you had been. You have just to step back. So try reliving.”

Osho - “Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol. 4, Chapter #7” (The Alchemy of Yoga)
Childhood Therapy is needed for everyone at some point in their journey of personal growth.

In every sort of therapy or meditation, at some point it necessary to look into the past of our childhood.
Because that is where most of our problems come from, it is in childhood that our personality is formed,
and most importantly the first seven years, in which our subconscious is formed.
Primal Therapy has been doing this work, so does Inner Child work.

Osho has spoken clearly on the need to use such therapies in order to clear up our past so that we can meditate more easily in the
present. Osho's emphasis is that a conscious reliving of the past is needed to heal our emotional wounds.
Osho Reliving Therapy helps us to go back into the early years of our childhood, to see and feel again the influence of the adults on
our innocent subconscious; especially our parents and grandparents, affected us the most,
conditioned and programmed us, moulded us into becoming what they thought was right.
In fact every society teaches the child how they should be and very seldom respects the child for who he is naturally.

Before we can find out who we are naturally, who we are born to be,
we have to undo the conditioning of who we have been programmed to be.
The conditioning process is not only psychological is deeply emotional and even physical.
So in order to heal ourselves we now need to consciously go into the emotions of our childhood and
release the darkness so we can be reborn.
The deeper we can penetrate the past, the deeper cleaning of ourselves we can make,
and then create a new foundation for a feeling of being reborn into our natural innocent inner child.
After reliving the early years of childhood, we can go back to reliving our birth.

Birth is the most intense moment of our life, our entry into this world has a very deep effect on the way
we live throughout our whole lifetime. Of course the memory of it is deeply buried within us,
but through ReBirthing processes we can not only remember but re-live it.
The experience of ReBirthing is so refreshing and deeply insightful.
Once we has realistically relived our birth, we can go back even further, using hypnomeditation
to re-experience the time of being in the womb and even back to the very first moment of this life, our conception.
From that point we can review our whole life, to see more clearly for which purpose we are alive,
and to see which path to travel on in our life.

The workshop is open to everyone to join, however previous experience of Osho's active meditations, especially Dynamic,
will help deepen the experience. It is highly recommended to prepare yourself for the group by doing Osho Dynamic Meditation
everyday for a week or more.