Meditation cuts the very roots of
imagination, thoughts, dreaming, hallucination, illusion.
Meditation cuts the mind completely out of the way.
In hypnosis, only after meditation can it be certain that the person
has reached to the past life.
And the basic symptom will be, not remembering the past life, but re-living it.

In deep hypnosis, after meditative practices, one does not remember past lives,
one starts re-living the past lives.
There is a vast difference between remembering and re-living.
If just mind remembering can help to heal psychological wounds, you can
understand perfectly well that re-living the past life will not only remove your
mental sickness, it will remove all the darkness around your being.
It will not only give you mental health, it will give you spiritual growth --
and the difference is tremendous.

Osho - Zen: The Mystery and The Poetry of the Beyond #2
After having recalled the subconscious memories of our birth and the moment conception of our current life, then it just another step back and we
come to the end of a previous lifetime. Going back in time like this, step by step,
gives the past life recall more of a reality.

The question of imagination is answered by one’s own inner experience. Also there are several other indications that reveal what is real or what is
imaginary past life remembrance, these will be explored in the workshop. The overall emphasis is on a deep healing of old emotional and
psychology wounds that are lying within our unconsciousness.

Past Life remembrance begins with the experience of the death of that life. Death is the other most intense experience of life, along with
birth, so the events of being born and of dying are more deeply imprinted in our unconsciousness. These two events as the doorways that
we use to enter into the past. Having relived the death of a previous lifetime it is then again just another step further and we can see
what happened in the past lifetime.
And then the same process can take us into several past lives.

Rediscovering the past lives is a therapeutic tool for cleansing the unconsciousness; it is an unburdening.
It is also a profound meditation. To see that you have lived and died before gives an experience of being more than the body, the mind or
the personality.

We can realize that we are traveling through the lifetimes on a journey of growth -
to become what we already are, a buddha in essence, a nothingness that is pure bliss and pure love.