Do you want to be a seeker of richness or a rich seeker?  
The seeker of richness is focused only on the material world,
but a rich seeker is one who is rich in both the material and spiritual worlds.

At last it is time for an
Osho Therapy group on the theme of being rich.

Although Osho has called himself ‘
The Rich Man’s Guru’,
except for an occasional hypnosis group, there has never been a tradition in the world of Osho Therapy
to have a group based on one of our most important life issues -
having or achieving money and wealth.  

Although there are plenty of “success”, “positive thinking” or “power of attraction” based seminars, they do not explore
emotional issues and rarely examine our conditioning process.
Osho repeatedly tells us of his vision of being
Zorba the Buddha,
that the modern spiritual seeker can also have a rich life.
Yet our deeply ingrained programming has taught us that the spiritual and material worlds do not combine.
Osho has attracted millions of seekers from around the world,
yet many of them find it a great challenge to balance meditation with money.
And billions of other people in the world seem to be only interested in money and not in meditation.  
The historical division between the spiritual and material worlds is still affecting us.

In recent years, especially before the economic crisis of 2008 to present,
there are a lot of books and seminars available of positive thinking methods and the power of attraction in order to
become rich. Now with the world economy gradually recovering, we are at a
very important moment;
we need to decide how to live in this world.
Will we return to previous ideals of ‘hard work reaps just rewards’ or will the positive thinking approach reassert itself?
And very importantly will we follow other’s opinions on wealth or will we be able to find our own way,
the way best for us.

In this unique therapy group we will be examining the
roots of our conditioning on the theme of wealth;
we will be exploring the
emotions and energies hidden in this powerful issue.
By passing through a rich range of therapeutic techniques,
you will have the unique opportunity to examine the wealth issue from multiple aspects.
A single approach is not as effective as a multiple approach, because we are
multi-dimensional beings.
Our most challenging life issues are best dealt with when we work on all levels of our being –
Spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and energetic.  
So that you can find your way to what is
wealth for you in your life.

As in all Osho groups, we will practice active meditations to increase the
richness of our awareness,
and have many group and partner exercises to support the
richness of friendship and love.
Together we will explore what limits us and what can support us to live a full life, to be
spiritually rich & materially rich.
“I want to destroy poverty. I am all for the rich man. I am the rich man’s guru”
Osho – The Last Testament Vol. 1 #3