Chakra-Tantra: from the mud to the lotus
The chakra system is basically a Tantric system. In all the chakra seminars we are dealing with masculine and feminine energies.
The other chakra groups are very intensive on the emotional and psychological levels. In Tantra seminars we approach the chakra system in
another way, we take the life energy that we can experience as sexual in the lower chakras and rise up directly to the spiritual in the higher
chakras. So, in chakra-tantra we do not go so much into emotional or psychological issues.
In Tantra we experience our chakras on a more energetic level. The presence of other participants helps us experience the differences between
our energies. With each other’s loving presence and support we can feel how our chakras meet those of another person. We will experience
which chakras can join with another person’s energy. This may result in an increase in sexual sensitivity or greater feelings of love and
Tantra is very healing on an energetic level, it helps us embrace our own energy, to love ourselves. It is also very helpful in guiding us into
new experiences that can refresh our intimate relationships. Tantra guides us into experiencing that love is a partnership in spirituality.
Many of the Chakra-Tantra seminar exercises were inspired by the temples in Khajuraho, as we are now in a new era that can regain the
ancient secrets of sensual love. Sex is no longer a taboo. But with more sexual freedom humanity is going to the other extreme where sex is a
commercial commodity. Tantra teaches sex can be divine, sex on its own is mud, but by adding sensitivity, respect, reverence, and energetic
meditations, we can it become the blossoming lotus.

The IAAP welcomes you to the Sexual Awakening, Love and Tantra Seminar Series
The Golden Flower can bloom in you only if you are courageous, daring. It blooms only in courage.
And remember, sex may look like mud, but it contains the lotus flower in it. This is one of my fundamentals: the lowest contains the highest, and the highest is
nothing but the manifestation of the lowest. The seed contains the flowers and the flowers are nothing but expressions of the seed. Sex contains Samadhi, because
life contains God. Move from sex to samadhi, from sex to superconsciousness;
this is the only natural and rightful way. Don't get stuck anywhere in sex.
I teach you sex and transcendence both, because the transcendence is possible only through it.
And the people who are teaching repression are not teaching transcendence. In fact, they go on pouring more mud on you.
They go on forcing you deeper in the mud because there is no possibility of transcendence if you have not moved through these sexual stages of auto-eroticism, of
homo-eroticism, of hetero-eroticism, and then to transcendence.
And the lotus blooms, the one-thousand-petalled lotus. You are containing it in yourself.
Osho - The Secret of Secrets Vol. 2 Chapter 15
Second Chakra I: Love Beyond Dependency & Second Chakra II: Conscious Relating
Both levels of the second chakra seminar are highly recommended to support learning about love and relationship.
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Sexual Deconditioning Level I
Sex is our most basic energy, yet it is the most conditioned. Humans naturally have a very high sexual energy, but we have become afraid of it;
our society - our parents, teachers and religion, have made it a taboo subject. We grow up not knowing what sex is. We were not guided on
when, where, how and with whom to have sex. We could not ask our parents questions on how they have sex. It was hidden, yet at the same
time sex was everywhere – in books, in films and in the behaviour of adults. Furthermore, if we explored our own naturally emerging sexual
energy, we had to hide for fear of being caught and condemned or punished. This all too common childhood scenario has taught us to repress
our natural life energy. The contradiction regarding sex in our society has taught us to be split within our own selves. Energetic divisions are
created between our body and our mind, our senses and personality, our heart, our sex and our spirit.
For those of us who have already begun personal growth through psychology, therapy and meditation, sex is a deep issue that we will want to
explore as it will have emerged as a theme multiple times as our development has progressed. We may have already felt how our childhood
conditioning has resulted in physical tension or numbness; as energetic blockages; as confusion or fear about how to express our natural sexual
desires; as painful memories … in many forms that makes us feel not fully in contact with our life energy and free to be ourselves.
In this deeply intense group therapy of Sexual Deconditioning we take Osho’s guidance on the four stages of sexuality,
we will be reliving the years of childhood and adolescence in a new way. We will be undoing what was repressed in us, untying the knots of
shame and relearning how to love ourselves and how to share that love with others.
The four stages are:
1: Autosexual: when a baby is naturally discovering its own body and its sensuous nature
2: Homosexual: a stage that all children pass through, when we are closest to others of our own sex
3: Heterosexual: when we have passed through the previous stages we are ready to explore the attraction to the opposite gender; this stage
prepares us for our sexual life as an adult
4: Tantra and transcendence: the ultimate stage is when sexual energy opens the doorway to higher states of consciousness, it becomes a
meditation; and it is a step towards an orgasmic unity with the whole existence.
Sexual Deconditioning is a necessary cleansing process to prepare our bodies as temples for the divine love that the path of tantra helps us
experience.  There are many tantra groups available, but without the necessary deep cleaning of sexual deconditioning, we may be taking a
second step before the first.
Prerequisite:  Participation in the ReLiving Childhood & ReBirth group or Bodytypes Training with Samudroprem.

“I teach you the body: the body is beautiful, divine. Come back to the body. Let the body become alive again, and it will take care; you need not worry about it.
The body has a built-in program to keep you healthy, to keep you alive, to keep you vibrant, to keep you young, fresh. The body has a built-in program:
you need not learn anything about it from books and teachings.
So, when people come to me in the beginning, sometimes they may indulge -- but I am not responsible for their indulgence. The priests, the people who have
conditioned them, they are responsible. If these people can be here with me for a few days, sooner or later the balance is restored. And with balance comes
tranquillity, calmness, a subtle joy and a subtle naturalness.
Sex has four stages; those stages have to be understood. Only at the fourth stage does sex become the Golden Flower.”
Osho “The Secret of Secrets Vol. 2 #15”
Sexual Deconditioning Level II
Sexual Deconditioning Level One was intense but fun also, wasn’t it? Now, are you ready for more, to go deeper into all levels of cleansing
your body and mind from the limitations that the childhood conditioning placed upon your natural sexual energy? Can you gather enough
courage for this? Because it is your determination to go beyond your old limitations that brings the real transformation.
The aim of Level II is to discover your true natural sexual energy and enhance that, to support your natural energy to grow so that it becomes
super-natural. The psychological process of deconditioning is to remove the effects of what went wrong in our childhood, adolescence and in our
adult sex life. Then to balance the negativity of cleansing work we could begin to explore the positivity of tantric practices. Thus,

Deconditioning and Tantra are two wings, but the next step is to fly higher. With only one wing we cannot get very far, with two wings
working simultaneously we can take off. But to soar we need to sense our true nature.
At this point it is important to remember that each of us is unique in so many aspects of life. In our sexual life we are also unique, yet there are so
many ideals that could restrict. Even in Tantra we might adopt new ideals of what is the correct way to approach our sexual life.
Super-natural sex is to discover our full potential for orgasmic joy. It will come from self-discovery, self-exploration. The truth of our sexual
energy cannot be learned in ancient scriptures, it can only be found within our own energy, body and soul.   
In Sexual Deconditioning Level II we will be revisiting the four developmental stages of sexuality, to dig even deeper to clean our past traumas
from our childhood conditioning. We will also provide space to expose our remaining problems, patterns of inhibition and sexual energy
limitations. Exposure of oneself, to be naked on a psychological and emotional level, requires great courage and yet the reward is deeply healing.  
Pre-requisites: participation in Sexual Deconditioning Level I, sorry there will be no exceptions! Registration must be in done with a fellow
participant, for further details contact the course organizer.
Upon application for participation the organisers will provide further information regarding pre-requisites and formalities.
Chakra-Tantra: The Four Orgasms, part 1 – 4
These tantra experiential seminars are based on the concept of masculine and feminine chakras joining together. In the first part seminar we will
experience the union of the masculine active Muladhara chakra and the feminine active Svadhishthana chakra. Naturally at the first chakra,

males are actively out-going and females are receptive – we can see that in our physiology.
Our genitalia are designed by mother nature to fit well together! However, in Chakra-Tantra we consider that whereas physical sex
can be pleasurable, we do not experience true full orgasm until all levels of our being are involved. In Tantra we learn that sexual energy is our
natural life-energy and it can go beyond the physical level. When we involve our emotional level then sex becomes
making love. When we are in love with an intimate partner our second chakras are also activated. It is when the feminine active second chakra
energy is received by the male partner in his second chakra and he returns his active first chakra energy which the female then receives,

a circle of energy is created between the lovers – that is what creates the first orgasm.
The first orgasm is the union of masculine and feminine energies at the first and second chakras. There is an equal giving and receiving of
energies, as the lovers disappear in the sexual experience and allow the energies to flow through them.
In the Tantra tradition, we take inspiration from ancient tantric methods and the archetypes of Shiva and Shakti and their receptivity of the
divine mother goddess Lalita, or Jagadambi, to descend from heaven to earth through the chakras as symbols in the ancient yantra image of

Sri Chakra.
In this seminar we will also give space to the emotional and psychological issues that arise. Because the main interest of Tantra is to move from
the physical to the spiritual, it often happens that tantric practitioners fall into emotional and psychological problems. It can even be that some
people go to tantra in order to avoid their emotional and relationship problems. Then they become disillusioned with Tantra, think it does not
Tantra does work! It is not that tantra is the problem, tantra raises energy, and one of the laws of energy is that it always flows to the next
problem. This is natural and it should be accepted and welcomed, that positive energy soon moves towards the next negative blockage in our
body, emotion or mind.
Tantra is not complete without psychotherapy. So, when we raise energy in the first and second chakras, there could be problematic memories

or energetic blockages that we could clean out. Then afterwards energy can really rise up to the next two chakras and we can progress towards
the second orgasm.  

Part 2: In the second part we will explore the union of the masculine active Manipūra chakra and the feminine active Anahata chakra.
The third chakra is the centre of power, identity, achievement and intense emotions. The fourth chakra is the centre of heart-based emotions
which can be positive as in acceptance, trust and unconditional love but also problematic as with jealousy and betrayal. As the male and female
energies meet at these chakras, we become more personal. It is very frequent that lovers actually avoid the energies of these chakras during their
love-making. But if they repress the emotional energies in these chakras, the energies can become distorted which could explain why there is such
as growing trend towards BDSM in sex. Or the relationship breaks down because the personality conflicts cannot be resolved.
Playfulness is a way to ease the tensions of the third and fourth chakra, but we may need to use emotional and psychological therapies to really
cleanse these chakras. Once they are cleaned out then we have space and freedom in our inner energy channels for the sexual energy to rise up
and we can experience the second union of the mystical four orgasms.
From the Tantra tradition, we take inspiration from the archetypes of Vishnu and Lakshmi and their receptivity of the divine universal mother
goddess energy that descends from heaven to earth through our chakras and rises up again as the kundalini energy.  Vishnu and Lakshmi
blissfully unite in the meeting of our third and fourth chakra as the second orgasm of Mahamudra.

Part 3:
In the third part we will explore the union of the masculine active Vishuddha chakra and the feminine active Ajna chakra. The fifth
chakra is the centre of communication and creativity. As every chakra theme has both positive and challenging qualities, we are on a journey of
cleansing the negativity and the removing the blockages so that real positive energy can flow through us. The more energy that flow through
our chakras the greater we can experience ecstasy and peace at the same moment. This theme of purification becomes very important at the fifth
chakra, the name Vishuddha actually does mean completely purified. And as communication is a major issue between lovers, there can be multiple
miscommunications because our past conditioning is affecting how we feel and how we express ourselves now. Also, as perception is a major
theme of the sixth chakra, we can now realise that misunderstandings could be based upon our distorted perception of our lover.
This third meeting of the masculine and feminine active chakra-pairs is on the mental level, so we will work on communicating more clearly,
seeing each more clearly and then bring in more creativity and more mystery into our love meeting with our beloved.   
From the Tantra tradition, we take inspiration from the archetypes of Brahma and Sarasvati and their receptivity of the universal mother goddess
energy that descends from heaven to earth through our chakras and rises up again as the kundalini energy. Brahma and Sarasvati blissfully
unite in the meeting of our fifth and sixth chakra as the third orgasm of Mahamudra.

Part 4: In the fourth part we will review the experiences of the three orgasmic meetings of the first-second, third-fourth and fifth-sixth chakras.
We can then invite all that energy to rise up to our seventh chakra, the Sahasrāra, for the final meeting of the fourth orgasm. This will be the
Mahamudra, the ultimate orgasm of union with the universal energy. Our beloved has been our tantric meditation partner on this journey, we
have been helping each other with love, respect and mirroring. We are energetic mirrors to each other. When we have the attitude that our
beloved is our spiritual partner, then we help each other clear out the challenges and the support the positive energies in the physical, emotional,
mental, spiritual and energetic levels.
All our inner divine archetypal energies can be united in the fourth orgasm, the Turiya, the Mahamudra. Then in our tantric lovemaking we are
Shiva-Vishnu-Brahma in blissful union with Shakti-Lakshmi-Sarasvati. The universal mother-goddess can now return to her abode in the
cosmos. She descended from heaven as grace, coming down through our chakras and has now risen again, the journey is complete.
This is why Tantra is a spiritual path to enlightenment as much as Zen is for the individual meditator, but in Tantra we on the path of love –
together with a beloved. Zen is the path of aloneness, Tantra is the path of love, both lead to enlightenment – it just feels more fun to make love
our spiritual path.         

Prerequisite: previous participation in Tantra or Sexual Deconditioning seminars with Samudro or other leaders.
Registration must be in done with a fellow participant, for further details contact the course organizer.
Chakra-Tantra: the mud & the lotus
Chakra-Tantra: The Four Orgasms
Conscious Relating
Sexual Deconditioning