AWAKENING PSYCHOLOGY – real transformation through meditation, therapy, love and consciousness

What is Awakening Psychology?

Awakening Psychology (AP) aims to help people to develop to their fullest potential of consciousness: a state of complete awareness united with unconditional love, in which the life energy awakens to transforms their inner and outer worlds. AP uses multiple methods of psychotherapy and meditation to bring about greater understanding of oneself and life direction, enhance love and respect of oneself and others, to facilitate self-enquiry, individuation and creativity, and to aid emotional and physical purification as needed. 

Awakening Psychology (AP) holds the view that multiple concepts and methods of human development are required and can help us because each person is a unique individual. There is not just one truth and there is not just one therapy that will work as a panacea. Rather we are like the multiple facets of a diamond or the many petals of a blossomed lotus. Furthermore, as we are growing individuals, transforming through time and life experience, our requirements for what can support and facilitate our development may change. AP is fundamentally embracing and inclusive, however it does gives greater recognition to those methodologies that consist of the elements of: Awareness, Love, Consciousness, Compassion and Energy. It is seen that it is these precious qualities that really bring positive transformation.

The International Academy for Awakening Psychology offers five directions for personal development through seminar and meditation participation.


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